Rental store owner? Designer/Decorator? Wedding/Event planner? Or stress reliever? Who is Shirleen Bell? You may have heard that she is ‘a nice lady that has a warehouse full of cool stuff’ or maybe you just found Danner and Soli through a google search. Let’s clear that up for you.
Shirleen is all of the above. She’ll greet you with a smile and an excitment, to know you, in her voice. She will immediately begin getting to know who you are and learn a few of your favorite things. On your tour through the warehouse you might be overwhelmed with the possiblities, but as you keep walking the possibilites become planned realities and by the time you’re back to the office your event is practically planned out, decorated, and ready to go; 3,2,1 stress free. Sometimes you’ve got to wonder if she didn’t already have your wedding/event planned before you walked through the front door. Shirleen has hundreds, if not thousands, of inspiring ideas flowing beautifully through her mind. Her goal is to ultimately make you happy.
Whether you’ve come in for the first time and haven’t a clue where to start or you have imagined what you want she will make the dreams you didn’t even know you had come true. So here at Danner and Soli, the first thing we sell to you is our mastermind, the one and only, Shirleen Bell.
Shirleen Bell

Post written by employee Anya Kohl